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I would recommend Knotty Pine Cabins to a friend! Probably because it’s a nice place to live. Nice place to come back to. When you’ve lived in a few places in your life, you realize that there are some places that when you leave that they are not so comfortable to come back to and then there are some places that are. And this is one of them. If you do decide to go ahead and get one, it’s esthetically beautiful, it feels good to be in, the utility bills are nice and low… We feel good being out in the nature. Yeah I would recommend it for all those reasons.
Rob McMillan & Michiko Osawa
We had a great time working with Knotty Pine Cabins to design and build our cabin in Sunshine Valley, BC, and were impressed by their honest and straightforward approach. Don was integral during the initial design stages, and Jeremy, Alana and the whole crew were very helpful throughout the build process. The Knotty Pine Cabins crew built our cabin exterior to lock-up, and then came back to complete the interior pine finishing, which looks amazing! Knotty Pine Cabins clearly takes pride in the work they do, and we are very pleased with how everything turned out. We would recommend them to anyone looking at building their dream cabin or home, and can't say enough good things about the people and the company.
Ashlee Muise
Our family had the pleasure to work with Alana, Jeremy and the rest of the Knotty Pine Cabins crew from the early design phases, through all the construction steps, to the finished dream cabin. We would do it all over again! All the questions we had were answered promptly, which helped us enjoy what could've been a stressful first experience of building a cabin. They took care of the drawings, putting together the cabin package, delivery and construction of the interior & exterior. Like with any project built in nature, adjustments needed to be made and were easily resolved as soon as they were identified. We are very happy with the quality of the work and are looking forward to making many memories at our family cabin!
Mircea Fagarasanu
This is an incredible company to deal with! From the time I first expressed an interest they have been extremely hands on. I feel valued and that I am getting good value. As a senior building her retirement home I could not have asked for better service.
Debra Bob
Am a BC owner builder of a Knotty Pine Cabin, which we designed as a retirement aging-in-place home. Construction was a labour of love and the house with attached garage turned out beautiful. The Knotty Pine kit was great to work with and all materials supplied were excellent. Jeremy was even better than great, he was available almost 7/24 to pick-up the phone and answer questions. No hesitation on giving Knotty Pine a 5 out of 5 and would recommend this building option to anyone considering either a cottage or a home.
Herman Koops
Super great company to deal with ! They are true to their word, easy to work with right to the end. Love the cabin !!
Kurt Cole
I have been very happy with the service and the attention to details in getting the product that I wanted — very friendly staff. Our 20 by 20 cabin has been exactly wanted we wanted and serviced us well over the years.
Lu Carbyn
Highly recommend knotty pines for your choice. Very nice staff. Carpenters did a beautiful job. People that have stopped in and seen our cabin have nothing but good things to say.
Brian Johnson
I'd rate higher if we could! We built our cabin on our own in 3 months. The Knotty Pine family has gone above and beyond always checking in with us along the way to ensure things were going smooth and answering the many questions we had right from our floor plan to the construction. A thoughtful company that genuinely wants their clients satisfied, we are so happy we went with Knotty Pines from pricing, delivery, and service ..amazing! Thank you for helping us build our dream come true KPC!!
Melinda & Bobby Ellis
Knotty Pine Jeremy has gone above and beyond to make sure we were completely satisfied with our build. Great service and great people. Alana and her dad are also kind amazing people. Highly recommend these guys.
Michelle Sierink

We selected Knotty Pine Cabins years ago because we could cut costs by doing things ourselves and still get a great cabin that looks like a cabin not a house. We went and walked through their demo cabin and we were sold. It was what we were looking for. To get this quality of cabin on our budget meant that we would be building it ourselves.

I have an Uncle that is very handy, a father that is handy and myself (not handy but capable and willing to learn). We ordered a 24 x 32 cabin. We had our foundation built and then they dropped off our cabin. It came in 2 loads. At this point I had read the manual many times and felt confident. As we constructed the cabin my Uncle kept commenting about how well built and over engineered this was. A common quote was, "you could land a plane on this floor". I like the fact that my cabin is built better that the house I live in. Things fits well and we clipped along. Jeremy said that their crews of 2 people could get to lock up in around a week. I asked him what kind of super heroes were these guys. He said he was one of them which makes sense in hindsight. On many occasions we became confused and needed direction. Jeremy knew everything we asked him because he had built numerous packages himself. Jeremy answered his phone anytime we called. I can not stress enough how good their customer service was. They define excellence in service. Anyway we took 10 days to get to lock up with 3 people. I thought that was pretty good. I spent the rest of that month making it usable, insulating, vapour barrier and tongue and groove the inside walls, for the family.

Over the next few years I have continued to work on the finishing end of things around the cabin. We have been enjoying the cabin while we do little things. This meant that I have had lumber at my cabin for 3 years. Best advice I got was to buy a roll of poly to cover the lumber. Thank god I did, driver of their truck gave me the advice. Not sure if stretching the building out over 3 years is the best choice but my family and I have no complaints. Last thing I would mention is a stain I found that works really well. Looks good and holds up. It is called Penofin. Anyway Knotty Pine has a great product and great people. Very satisfied.

Dean Turchansky
Family run company is the best. With planning and customer coordination construction was on time. Quality materials and well built. Put up with my myriad of questions and exciting to be the owner/ builder of my home with Knotty Pines assistance.
SJ Graham
I currently own a 24'x36' knotty pine cabin and everything about our build was great. I was involved in the build of my cabin from start to finish and Jeremy and Alana where awesome from start to finish. We kind of changed things up on the fly and had a few issues and Jeremy was easy to deal with and helped solve the problems immediately. I highly recommend there cabins. We are about to enjoy our first summer in ours and I'm confident we are going to have problem free enjoyment of our cabin for years to come.
Richard Kasper

Working with Knotty Pine Cabins was the right choice for us, the style of cabin is exactly what we had envisioned for our home at the lake and they helped us make it a reality. The staff was friendly and responsive throughout the process from design to delivery, and continued to support us through the build. What made Knotty Pine the right fit for us was the flexibility, we were able to design the cabin to suit us and then decide how much we wanted to do ourselves. Once we had the foundation ready we had them set us up with their build crew to get it framed and to lock up, they did a great job and were in and out in about a week. We wanted to do all the trade work and interior which has taken a fair bit longer than a week but we have enjoyed doing it ourselves and in the end it is exactly how we wanted it.

The other nice part about Knotty Pine is that once the cabin was designed they managed all the logistics around ordering and delivering material. So everything is there, insulation, poly, lumber, right down to the screws, so we weren’t running around looking for things throughout the build. And, if anything was missing or damaged with the shipment they were very good about covering costs for replacement material.

The only thing that I would have done different is have better storage for material on site; there was an unexpected delay between delivery of material and construction so a lot of the material sat outside for a few weeks. In all, the quality of the materials and the overall build exceeded our expectations. Construction with quality plywood and lumber has made for a solid structure that is well equipped for everything that Saskatchewan will throw at it. In terms of cost, obviously you need to look beyond the cost of the basic package but our cost was very reasonable compared to anything else that we priced out and the look, feel, and quality of the cabin for us was great value. At the end of the day it's been a very good experience for us and we look forward to many years in our Knotty Pine Cabin.

Bryan Ulmer
Jeremy and Alana were great to deal with. We are very happy with our cabin, the quality was excellent, the instructions were well written and the kit made sense. The 2x6 construction allowed for R20 and we've found the cabin to be warm in winter and cool in summer. Thank you
Adam Turpin
Cannot say enough good things about Knotty Pine. We love our new home so much. The customer support was amazing, especially from Alana! Thanks guys!
Erin Rehmann


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