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Cabin Packages and Pricing

We often receive customer questions concerning the features included in the price of our cabin package. With our unique prefabricated system, our cabin packages at Knotty Pine Cabins can be shipped anywhere in Canada and the USA and are the perfect alternative for budget-conscious customers willing to play the role of a general contractor. Every package we offer starts as a base kit, including everything you need to build the core structure of your new cabin. For added convenience, each kit can be individualized to contain as many – or as few – supplies as needed to begin the building process. Learn more about our cabin prices, package features, and customization options, and discover how you can get the most out of your cabin space.


Starting Package Prices

12' Wide Series
16' Wide Series
20' Wide Series
24' Wide Series
30' Wide Series

Cabin Package Features

Each Knotty Pine package includes the basic necessities to assemble a gorgeous new cabin the whole family can enjoy all year round. When you purchase a starting cabin package, we’ll ship the following items:

  • Pre-framed 2” x 6” exterior walls; shipped in approx. 8’ sections
  • Engineered roof trusses designed with consideration of the local snow & wind load
  • ½” plywood sheathing for the roof
    Ice shield & roofing felt
  • Metal roofing, fascia, flashing, & soffits
  • Homewrap
  • Kiln dried 2” x 6” tongue & groove pine siding
  • One 36” fiberglass door
  • Two 40” x 40” triple pane low E argon slider windows
  • Hardware & screws
  • Thorough, easy-to-understand construction manual

No matter what size cabin you choose, you can create a personalized cabin space that reflects your unique lifestyle. Our customizable cabin options include a comprehensive range of windows, doors, lofts, floors, and much more.

Additional Package Options

Every customer is different, which is why we believe every one of our homes should be, too! Our premium-quality cabins are full of possibilities, with many structural enhancement kits available to build a more complete space. Clients have used our enhancement kits for an impressive range of purposes, from bunkhouses, garages, and guest houses to hunting cabins, seasonal getaways, and even completely customized primary living spaces. Enhance the charm and functionality of your new cabin by adding some or all of the following options to your package:
  • Floor Kit – The structural components of your floor system
  • Floor & Roof Insulation Kit – Fiberglass batt insulation for your floor & roof (R-value dependent on build location – typically R40) & vapor barrier
  • Wall Insulation & Interior Pine Kit – Fiberglass batt insulation for your exterior walls (R-value dependent on build location – typically R22), vapor barrier, acoustic sealant, kiln dried 1” x 6” tongue & groove pine, & pine trim
  • Loft Kit – The structural components of your loft floor system
  • Stair & Railing Kit – Handcrafted wood staircase & railings
  • Deck & Railing Kits – Pressure-treated wood deck & railings
  • Interior Wall Partitions – Pre-framed 2” x 4” interior walls, kiln dried 1” x 6” tongue & groove pine to cover both sides, & pine trim
  • Additional Windows & Doors – Triple-pane low E argon windows & a variety of different sizes & styles of doors sourced from Durabuilt Windows & Doors
  • Interior Doors – 32” solid pine interior doors

Premium Cabin Living – Nearly Endless Potential

Since 2007, our team at Knotty Pine Cabins has designed everything from small bunkhouses and guest quarters to completely customized, 3,000-sq. ft. homes. Whether you’re planning on building a vacation getaway by the lake, a hunting lodge nestled in the woods, or your family’s new main home, our cabins are built to last a lifetime, offering endless potential and stunning results. The sky is the limit! Explore our gallery to inspire your ideas and design your new home today!

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