30' Wide Series

30' Cabin Packages From Knotty Pine Cabins

Our team is here to help you get the most value out of your new luxury home. Knotty Pine Cabins offers the highest quality prefabricated cabins and custom homes available for shipping and delivery for customers throughout Canada and the USA. Our impressive selection of premium cabins has been expertly crafted to suit a wide variety of purposes, from garages and guest quarters to seasonal getaways and even primary residences! Explore our series of 30 ft. wide series cabins, featuring spaciously-designed floor plans and a complete curation of customizable options, including custom windows, doors, floors, roofing, and much more. Make your dream of having your very own quiet retreat a reality! Learn more about our gorgeous, easy-to-assemble cabins and get started today!


What's Included

in Your 30' Cabin Starting Package

Our 30 ft. starting package includes the following components:

  • Pre-assembled wall panels, trusses, and gable ends
  • Kiln dried 2” x 6” tongue & groove pine siding
  • Precut window & door openings in exterior walls
  • All cabins come standard with 9′ high 2″ x 6″ walls
  • One solid 36″ entrance door & two 40″ × 40″ slider windows
  • A metal exterior roof, fascia, flashing, and soffits with many color options are available
  • All of the hardware, screws, and bolts needed for assembly
  • Easy to understand building manual
  • Please note that lofts can be larger than 6' and 8'. These prices are to get you started for 2' increments.

30' Starting Package Prices

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30' × 32'

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30' × 36'

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30' × 40'

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30' × 44'

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30' × 48'


30' Cabin Options

These are some of the add-ons that you can include with your starting cabin package.
Please note these are not all of our options, please contact us at 780-484-2224 for a more detailed quote.

  • 30′ x 6′ – $10,175
  • 30′ x 8′ – $12,925
  • Please note that decks can be larger than 6' and 8'. These prices are to get you started for 2' increments.
  • 4' Front Roof Extensions – $7,700
  • Please note: roof extensions can be larger than 4'
  • 30′ x 6′ – $6,300
  • 30′ x 8′ – $7,950
  • Staircase & Rails – $11,650
  • Please note that lofts can be larger than 6' and 8'. These prices are to get you started for 2' increments.
  • 30′ x 32′ – $27,225
  • 30′ x 36′ – $28,950
  • 30′ x 40′ – $30,675
  • 30′ x 44′ – $32,400
  • 30′ x 48′ – $34,125
  • 30′ x 32′ – $11,880
  • 30′ x 36′ – $13,400
  • 30′ x 40′ – $14,890
  • 30′ x 44′ – $16,380
  • 30′ x 48′ – $17,800
  • 30′ x 32′ – $34,440
  • 30′ x 36′ – $38,700
  • 30′ x 40′ – $43,100
  • 30′ x 44′ – $47,355
  • 30′ x 48′ – $51,710

Your Very Own Rustic Retreat

Our cabins can be built anywhere! When you choose your new home from Knotty Pine Cabins, we’ll work closely with you to ensure your cabin is appropriately suited for your specific build location in mind. No matter where you intend on building, our team will assess wind loads, snow loads, energy calculations, and all the other important details so you don’t have to! We build to suit; Whether you’re interested in a starting package or would like a more customized approach, contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff to get started today!

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