February 21, 2024


Here’s a look into Roland & Stephanie’s beautiful custom 20×40 Knotty Pine Cabin built on a walkout basement, in Breton, AB!

Q) What made you choose Knotty Pine Cabins to build your custom cabin?

We were on the email mailing list for Knotty Pine Cabins and reached out to inquire on sizes and prices when we were shopping around for different home build options. We priced out all the options-RTMs, Stick build, Knotty Pine… and after breaking down all the numbers, Knotty Pine Cabins ended up being the most affordable at the time.


Q) How would you describe the quality of craftsmanship & the support received from the KPC team?

Excellent. I really liked the product. I liked how well structurally it is built. It’s a very sturdy build. And the support from the team was great. I had Jeremy on speed dial for half a year as we were building. I called him yesterday and he answered the phone by saying “Hey Roland!”. The support was great from sales too. Don was great to work with.

Q) What are your favourite features in your custom cabin?

Cozy yet functional. I really like the kitchen, dining room with loft overhang area. The cozy feel and the way Stephanie (my wife) decorated the space. Whenever someone comes into our house, they comment on how warm and cozy the space feels.


Q) What were some of the custom additions/changes you made to your cabin design and build?

We put our home on a walkout basement. We made the loft bigger. We added a front and a back deck. We also added an attached green house that you can access from the walkout basement.

Q) How often do you use it?

Everyday! There’s 6 of us! This is our full time home for my wife and I and our 4 children.


Q) What are your plans for your cabin in the future?

We might cover a portion of our deck down the road.

Q) How was your experience from sales to building process?

Really good. With Don in sales, we chatted, email and phone calls over a few months and he was always really good to deal with. Always a quick response to phone calls and emails. When we got the drawings there were a few tweaks we made. All in all, the whole process, all the things we brought to Donald, really well received. Sales was really good and delivery went great. Only a few things were missed on the delivery but they brought those items out on a separate trips for us, which was really nice. Construction wise, I built it and my brother helped with assembly (he owns his own framing company). Once we got the process of things, the structure went together really well. The design of it where the walls are pre-framed in sections, is pretty easy to assemble, stand the walls and get everything put together. No real hiccups. And anything we did have questions on, we just called Jeremy and he let us know how we should do things. All in all, the whole experience, I tell people that I would do it all over again with Knotty Pines!


Q) Would you recommend Knotty Pine Cabins to a friend?

I have! We built in 2021 so it’s been a couple of years, but I have told everyone I know who is looking to build, to go to Knotty Pine Cabins!


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A special thanks to Roland and Stephanie for taking time out of their busy schedule to chat about their experience!

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