September 28, 2018

Cabin Heating Options – Which One’s Right for Me?

As the days grow colder, you may find yourself wondering what the best heating option is for your current or future cabin. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the 4 most common heating systems used by our customers. Read on to find out which one is best suited for you!

Wood Stove –

Nothing says “cozy cabin” better than a wood stove! As the name implies, wood stoves heat your cabin by burning wood fuel.

wood cabin and stove

Why choose a wood stove?

  • They’re a great option for remote cabins that have little or no access to electrical services
  • They work great in cabins with an open-concept floor plan
  • Though the initial cost is fairly substantial, the cost to operate your wood stove will be negligible if you’re able to cut your own firewood
  • They’re unaffected by power outages

Pellet Stove –

With a similar appearance to the wood stove, the pellet stove heats your cabin by burning hardwood pellets made from compressed sawdust, branches, and other byproducts of the lumber industry.

stove lighting inside house

Why choose a pellet stove?

  • They’re eco-friendly – pellets are made of wood waste products that would otherwise end up in the landfill
  • They require less maintenance than a wood stove. Fill up the hopper and watch the pellets burn for a few days
  • They don’t require a chimney
  • Though the initial cost of the pellet stove is fairly substantial, the cost of pellets is quite minimal

Electric Baseboard Heaters –

Electric baseboard heaters are zonal heaters that are typically controlled by a thermostat. They contain an electric heating element encased in metal pipes surrounded by aluminum fins.

Why choose electric baseboard heaters?

  • They don’t require much maintenance – simply set your thermostat to the desired temperature and enjoy
  • They provide a reliable source of heat which makes them great for cabins that will be used year-round. Leave the heaters on low between weekend visits to prevent pipes from freezing
  • They offer greater heat dispersion than wood stoves or pellet stoves, making them ideal for cabins with enclosed bedrooms and bathrooms
  • They’re quick & easy to install

Traditional Forced Air Furnace –

Commonly found in residential houses, furnaces work by blowing heated air through ducts that lead to the different rooms throughout the cabin. Cabin furnaces typically run off natural gas or propane.

Why choose a traditional furnace?

  • Like electric baseboard heaters, furnaces offer a reliable source of heat
  • They offer great heat dispersion and require minimal maintenance
  • Forced air furnaces improve your indoor air quality by filtering and properly conditioning the air

When it comes to heating your cabin, the possibilities are endless! If you don’t see your desired heat source listed above, don’t panic – Knotty Pine Cabins can be heated with whatever heating system you feel is best for your cabin and/or location.

Give us a call to find out which heating option we’d recommend or visit our show home to see which heating system we’ve installed!