• Your Knotty Pine Cabin Package: What’s Included?

    This is one of the most popular questions we receive during our daily interactions with customers. Knotty Pine Cabins is the perfect fit for clients that are willing to take on the role of general contractor with the added ease of our unique prefab system. We offer a great alternative to building for the budget-conscious customer, as our cabin packages are broken down into individual kits for your convenience. This means that you can have us supply as much or as little as you wish for the structure of the cabin. Read on to discover what’s included in our home and cabin package and what is additional.

    At Knotty Pine Cabins, we start with a base cabin package. From there, we allow our customers to add some of our optional kits to build a more complete cabin package. Why, you might ask? We truly believe that each customer and cabin is different! If there are certain items that you don’t require or wish to supply yourself, we can easily accommodate that. This allows our customers to use our cabin packages for a variety of purposes – seasonal cabins, year-round cabins, primary residences, garages, bunkhouses, hunting cabins, and more!

    Items included in the base cabin package:

    1. Pre-framed 2”x6” exterior walls shipped in 8’ sections, on average
    2. Engineered roof trusses designed with consideration of the local snow and wind load
    3. ½” plywood sheathing for the roof
    4. Ice shield and roofing felt
    5. Metal roofing, fascia, flashing, and soffits
    6. Homewrap
    7. Kiln dried 2”x6” tongue and groove pine siding
    8. One 36” fiberglass door
    9. Two 40”x40” triple pane low E Argon slider windows
    10. Hardware & screws
    11. A thorough construction manual

    Build the cabin package that suits your needs by adding some or all our optional kits:

    • Floor kit – The structural components of your floor system
    • Floor & roof insulation kit – Fiberglass batt insulation for your floor and roof (R-value dependent on build location- typically R40) and vapor barrier
    • Wall insulation & interior pine kit – Fiberglass batt insulation for your exterior walls (R-value dependent on build location-typically R22), vapor barrier, acoustic sealant, kiln dried 1”x6” tongue & groove pine, and pine trim
    • Loft kit – The structural components of your loft floor system
    • Stair & railing kit – Handcrafted wood staircase and railings
    • Deck & railing kits – Pressure treated wood deck & railings
    • Interior wall partitions – Pre-framed 2”x4” interior walls, kiln dried 1”x6” tongue and groove pine to cover both sides, and pine trim
    • Additional windows & doors – Triple pane low E Argon windows & a variety of different sizes and styles of doors sourced from Durabuilt Windows & Doors
    • Interior doors – 32” solid pine interior doors

    “Do your cabin package include everything to build the entire cabin?”  When purchasing the base cabin package and all our options, you will have everything you need to build the structure of the cabin. While you can choose to have us supply everything for the structure of the cabin, we leave certain aspect of the build to trades that specialize in those areas.

    This unique approach is where our clients save money on their total build by cutting out the middle-man and getting the best pricing possible by contracting out their own trades. Most of our clients are building their homes and cabins across Canada so it makes much more sense to contract out trades that are closer to their build area.

    Items not included in our home and cabin packages:

    • Foundation
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Finished flooring
    • Cabinets

    “How do your cabin and home packages arrive? Are they pre-assembled?” While our cabin packages arrive with pre-framed exterior and interior walls, the physical assembly of the cabin would take place on-site. We supply a thorough construction manual and offer over the phone support to both our customers & their contractors. Not interested in assembling the cabin package yourself? We can help! At Knotty Pine Cabins, we have professional installation crews that work all over Alberta and British Columbia. Sit back and watch them build your cabin or home for you!

    “Can your floor plans be customized?” Yes, our floor plans are fully customizable! We pride ourselves on being able to custom design each floor plan to best suit our customers. Give us a call to discuss floor plan options or check out our blog post on cabin design tips.

    Have a question that we haven’t answered? Give us a call at 780-484-2224 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.



    The Ellis family contacted Knotty Pine Cabins in 2018 when they decided they wanted to down size and live the simple life. Within 8 weeks, the floor plan for their new home was finalized and their cabin package was on it’s way to their lot in Greenwood, BC. The Ellis family was very hands on throughout the process so it came as no surprise when they told us they were going to take care of the on-site assembly themselves. This wonderful family of 3 now lives in a beautiful 700 sq ft 20’x24′ Knotty Pine home that they built with their own two hands! We caught up with the Ellis family to find out more about their experience with Knotty Pine Cabins.

    20191215_133733 (2)Q) What made you decide to transition from a 2,000 sq ft home in the city to a 700 sq ft cabin in the mountains, and how would you describe the transition?
    A) Our passion the last 10 years was to live somewhere we could be sustainable, build our own home, and somewhat live off grid. Here we are, we took the plunge and moved from Fort McMurray Alberta to a beautiful little “city” named Greenwood in BC. We’re up 3500 feet living on a mountain with only one neighbour, it’s beautiful.

    I think we chose to move for a few reasons, firstly we we’re tired of running the hamster wheel, so to speak. Secondly, we wanted to slow down and spend more quality time doing what matters, time with family, time to grow our food, time to be together. Lastly, 2016 was the Fort McMurray wildfire, we were evacuated for months from our community, we did not lose our home but had to do extensive repairs. Repairs were made, we thankfully sold our house for much less than we wanted, but we were ready to build our dream.  We had originally bought pricey plans from another company, but then came across Knotty Pine Cabins, they worked with our plans and checked in with us daily. We wanted to stay with a family business, and who better than KPC, we had a really good feeling from this family run company, and decided to build with them.

    The process was smooth, as we ordered our windows, worked with the designer on layout, what kind of stairs we wanted, insulation etc. We had never built a home so it was quite the journey, as a family (Including KPC). They were there around the clock to answer all our questions and help us through anything, such as the building permit, flooring, kitchen, all of it.

    Downsizing from 2000 sq ft home was not easy, we had lived in that house since our son was 11 months old, he’s now 13. There was a lot of “how to downsize” pins on my Pinterest board! We did it though, what we didn’t need, didn’t come. I minimized all my little kitchen gadgets by either selling them or giving them away, the garage contents some came most got given away. Memorabilia’s I took pictures of, furniture we sold with our house. It’s all just stuff, we wanted to move away from having stuff and live minimal, with only what we absolutely needed. We drove from Alberta to BC with only our truck and camper. Do we miss any of our stuff we downsized? We don’t!

    Q) What made you decide to build with Knotty Pine Cabins?   
    A) The family feeling we got from them, also the price point.

    Q) Describe the process of designing and building your own home. Was it rewarding to see the design come to life?
    A) To see our home, our dream come to life actually brought tears to my eyes some days, we were doing it finally!

    Q) Describe the quality of the materials and craftsmanship of your Knotty Pine home.
    A) The quality of the pine is amazing, I love seeing all the little knots come out as the years go on. We’ve been living in our cabin since December 2018 and have not had any issues with any of the material, I would say the quality exceeds our expectations.

    Q) What would you say was the most challenging part of downsizing?
    A) Most challenging was deciding what was essential, what would look good in the cabin, what would we have room for, could we live without it.

    Q) In your opinion, was downsizing to a Knotty Pine home a good choice for your family?
    A) Downsizing our home, was the best decision we’ve made for our family. We see each other, in our 2000 sq ft home there was so many rooms that we were not always together. Yes, this has been a challenge to get used to, but now more than ever we are a closer family.

    Q) Do find that you have more time for what’s important in life with less space and clutter to worry about?
    A) We definitely have more time to be outside with our animals and garden. Less cleaning, less organizing, less decorating.

    Q) Would you recommend Knotty Pine Cabins to a friend?
    A) Yes, and we have we will likely be working with KPC for another home on our property, as well as a few little guest cabins. We built our home in three months. While we’re still working on little details inside, I’d say that’s a quick turnaround. Not bad for a few pipe-fitters, if they can, you can!

    Q) What advice do you have for anyone that’s contemplating downsizing or building their own home? 
    A) Jump in, the journey is so worth the time life gives us!

    Q) Is there anything else you’d like to share?  
    A) Thanks for being such an amazing team and family Knotty Pine Cabins!

    A special thank you to the Ellis family for taking time out of their day to share their experience of purchasing and building their very own Knotty Pine.

    Are you ready to live the simple life? Contact us today to learn more about building and designing your very own Knotty Pine home!



    Looking for a more modern design?

    Depending on your design taste and style, our flat roof models might be the perfect choice for you!

    Our custom flat roof homes and cabins come in all sizes. We can build a small 12′ x 12′ guest cabin up to a 3000 square foot home. Need a modern garden suite or looking to build an infill?  The designs are endless.

    Just like our traditional gable style homes, all of our flat roof homes and cabins can be lived in year-round and meet all Canadian and local building codes. To learn more about our packages, check out our post: Why Choose To Build A Knotty Pine Cabin.

    Once you have your custom design in hand, Knotty Pine will prefab your home or cabin at our head office in Edmonton, AB. From there, build the package yourself or have us frame it for you!

    Whether you want a bungalow or a two storey, you dream it, we can build it! Take a look at our photo gallery for some inspiration or bring in your own design.  Shipping all homes and cabins Canada-wide.

    For more information on pricing out these beautiful custom flat roof homes, give us a call today! 1 877 854 2224.


    We often get asked if our cabins are suitable for year-round living. ABSOLUTELY they are! Over the last 13 years, many families have made their primary residence a Knotty Pine.

    At KPC we take great pride in our building practices and we meet all Canadian building codes. All of our homes and cabins go through a detailed inspection process and are built to last. To learn more about what’s included in our home and cabin packages, read about it here.

    Our homes are prefabricated at our Edmonton head office and shipped unassembled across Canada. They are all designed with your specific area in mind. There is definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach to the way our homes and cabins are built.  Wind loads, snow loads and energy calculations for your build location are all assessed no matter where you are building your dream home. At Knotty Pine Cabins, we have built coast to coast in even the most remote locations. From off the coast of Labrador, small islands in British Columbia to the Yukon and beyond, we deliver and take care of all these important details so you don’t have to!

    We build to suit. Whether you are building up North where insulation values are higher or in British Columbia where much of the terrain is rocky, our homes and cabins are the perfect choice! Our product excels amongst the rest at a truly reasonable price point.

    Give us a call at 1 877 854 2224 to begin the design process with one of our knowledgeable team members today!



    Thinking of building a custom home? Overwhelmed with where to begin? Hiring a general contractor can be tough when you don’t know who to trust! Why not be your own general contractor? Nervous because you’ve never built anything but LEGO? Not to worry, Knotty Pine Cabins has got you covered with our simple panelized build system! With over 12 years of experience and over 1000 homes built across Canada you can be sure you are in the right hands with us.

    Purchasing a Knotty Pine Cabin allows you to be the general contractor and do as little or as much as you want yourself. Design your home or cabin with our helpful team and see your space come to life! Hire the Knotty Pine crew to frame your home and have the prefabricated package up in no time or put it together yourself. You build, we build, you choose!

    Over the last 12 years we’ve had everyone from school teachers to experienced carpenters put up our homes. No matter your profession , our easy to follow instruction manual takes you step by step through the process of building your prefab cabin or home.

    20151015_170746 (2)Once your Knotty Pine has been framed on your foundation of choice (read more about foundation choices here), you choose your fixtures and hire your own plumber and electrician. This process cuts out the expense of the middle man and saves you hard earned money! Once wired and plumbed with your chosen tradespeople, have the Knotty Pine crew come back and do the interior finishing or do it yourself. We supply and ship all of the material to build your home so you don’t have to do the labour of building and sourcing material yourself in a remote or rural location. To learn more about what is included in our packages, check out our blog post here.IMG_6741

    All of our homes are custom designed and built with the location in mind. Heavy snow loads or wind loads in your build area? We build to suit those conditions! All of our floor and truss systems are engineered for the location they are being shipped to. We meet all Canadian building codes and provide detailed draft drawings to obtain permits.

    At Knotty Pine Cabins, we pride ourselves in being a 100% Canadian manufactured and family-run business. Give us a call today at 1 877 854 2224 to plan and price out your package!


    Have you been dreaming of building a weekend cabin or custom Knotty Pine home? Do you find yourself wondering how you’re going to fund the full project especially in these uncertain times? Don’t let concerns over financing derail your dreams – read on to find out more about financing your Knotty Pine Cabin.


    We often get asked whether our homes and cabins can be financed and we’re here to say that they absolutely can! If you’re looking to build a Knotty Pine year-round home, cabin, garden suite, or guest house, but don’t have all of the funds to pay for it out of pocket, one option is a construction loan.

    What’s a Construction Loan and How Does It Work?

    A construction loan is a short-term loan used to finance the construction of your new cabin or home. Unlike a traditional mortgage where funds are dispersed in one lump sum, a construction loan disperses funds in draws based on the stage of construction. Prior to funds being released, your lender will have an inspector visit your build site to track progress and, from there, release a portion of the funds based on the completion stage. This allows you to pay your contractors in stages based on work complete.

    Once construction has been completed, the construction loan is either paid off or converted to a permanent loan, depending on the type of construction loan you obtain. In the vast majority of cases, our customers obtain a construction-to-permanent loan, where the the construction loan is converted to a permanent mortgage with typical principal plus interest payments once the construction process is completed; however, if you’re in the process of selling your house and plan to use the proceeds to cover the construction costs for your new home, a construction-only loan could be a better option for you.

    Do I have to own land to obtain a construction loan?

    While owning land is seen as an asset when it comes to obtaining a construction loan, it’s not necessary. Construction loans can be used to both purchase the land and build the cabin or home.

    Other Financing Options:

    We know everyone has a unique financial situation and construction loans are just ONE of the many options! If you’re looking for a short term loan, a line of credit might fit the bill. You may own your land free and clear and need some funding for simply the structure itself.  No matter the scenario, our goal is to help you achieve your project dreams without the stress!

    To assist with all of your financial questions and needs, Knotty Pine Cabins has a fantastic Mobile Mortgage Advisor that we consider to be an integral part of our team.  Our past clients can definitely agree that it makes the financing process seamless when they are dealing with a lender  that is familiar with our product and is willing to look at many different financing options depending on your unique situation. Give us a call at 1 877 854 2224 to set up a virtual appointment with one our knowledgeable sales representatives today!

  • Cabin Design Tips from the Knotty Pine Cabins Design Team

    At Knotty Pine Cabins, no two cabins are alike! We pride ourselves on being able to design and build custom homes for each individual customer. There’s no such thing as “choosing” a floor plan – you and your family get to work with one of our knowledgeable representatives to design a floor plan that suits your every need.

    Designing your custom floor plan can be an exciting process; however, you may find yourself slightly overwhelmed. Whether you’re at the office working with one of our representatives or drawing on a scrap piece of paper in the comfort of your home, we’ve compiled a list of key factors to consider as you work through the design process:

    1. 1. Start with the basics! How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want? What type of foundation will you be placing your cabin on? Do you want laundry facilities on your main floor? Do you want a deck or covered porch?
    2. 2. Always keep your land in mind. Consider the required setbacks, slope of the lot, existing landscaping, future landscaping, and neighboring properties.
    3. 3. Determine what direction your cabin will be facing on your lot. It’s important to keep this in mind when determining room placement and, of course, window placement. If you love the sun, having ample windows along your south-facing wall is a must. If you work night shifts or just aren’t a morning person, consider placing your bedroom along the north- or west-facing wall.
    4. 4. Consider the flow of the cabin. Does the placement of the rooms make logical sense? Does the master bedroom offer enough privacy? Is there a mudroom or closet close to your main entryway? Are the plumbing and mechanical components in the best possible location?
    5. 5. Don’t just build for today, build for the future. If you’re worried about accessibility, a master bedroom on the main level is the way to go. If you have a growing family, an open-concept loft with ample area for extra beds may be a good option.

    The sky is the limit when it comes to designing your custom home! If you’re having a tough time getting started, give us a call toll free at 1-877-854-2224. With a little bit of guidance, designing your Knotty Pine Cabin is sure to be an exciting, rewarding, and stress-free process!

  • Your Top 5 Cabin Maintenance Questions Answered

    Purchasing a cabin is undoubtedly an exciting process; however, you may find yourself full of cabin maintenance questions. What do I need to do to my Knotty Pine Cabin once it’s been built? How do I best protect my investment? We’re here to answer the top 5 cabin maintenance questions we get asked on a regular basis!

    1. Do I need to treat the exterior of my Knotty Pine Cabin?

    We strongly recommend treating the tongue and groove pine siding on your Knotty Pine Cabin for a few reasons:

    1) It will prevent the pine from turning grey with prolonged UV exposure.

    2) It will protect the pine from water and insects, thereby prolonging the lifespan of your siding.

    3) It keeps your cabin looking brand new!

    2. What do you recommend treating the exterior pine with?

    There are several different products that you could use to treat your pine siding.

    If you’d like to keep the natural wood look, we’d recommend treating your Knotty Pine Cabin with a linseed oil formula. This is typically applied in two coats using a regular 4″ staining brush.

    If you’d prefer to add a bit of color to your Knotty Pine Cabin, we’d recommend a high-end wood stain, such as Beauti-Tone Wood Shield Best available at Home Hardware. It comes in a variety of colors and coverage options, from semi-transparent to solid hide. For best results, always select a high-quality stain that penetrates the pine, otherwise you may end up with a finish that peels and flakes off quickly.

    3. How often will I need to re-treat the exterior pine?

    The frequency of reapplication will be dependent on several factors including the product used to treat the pine and the sun exposure. With the linseed oil formula, reapplication is roughly every 5-7 years, on average.

    4. Do I need to treat my deck & railings?

    Though we build our decks & railings out of pressure treated lumber, we still recommend treating the wood after it’s been installed. Though pressure treated lumber is treated with a chemical that helps protect the wood from water and insects, staining or sealing your deck provides an extra layer of protection and is thought to reduce surface cracking.

    5. Do I need to treat the interior of my Knotty Pine Cabin?

    While the interior pine does not need to be treated, you may choose to stain, paint, or white wash some of your interior walls.

    If you’re wanting to add a bit of contrast to your Knotty Pine Cabin without going overboard, staining your trim and handrails is always a great option. Tip: Choose a color that matches your kitchen cabinets to keep your cabin looking uniform.

    Have a question that we haven’t answered? Feel free to give us a call toll free at 1-877-854-2224 – we’d love to hear from you!

  • Cabin Heating Options – Which One’s Right for Me?

    As the days grow colder, you may find yourself wondering what the best heating option is for your current or future cabin. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the 4 most common heating systems used by our customers. Read on to find out which one is best suited for you!

    Wood Stove –

    Nothing says “cozy cabin” better than a wood stove! As the name implies, wood stoves heat your cabin by burning wood fuel.

    Why choose a wood stove?

    • They’re a great option for remote cabins that have little or no access to electrical services
    • They work great in cabins with an open-concept floor plan
    • Though the initial cost is fairly substantial, the cost to operate your wood stove will be negligible if you’re able to cut your own firewood
    • They’re unaffected by power outages


    Pellet Stove –

    With a similar appearance to the wood stove, the pellet stove heats your cabin by burning hardwood pellets made from compressed sawdust, branches, and other byproducts of the lumber industry.

    Why choose a pellet stove?

    • They’re eco-friendly – pellets are made of wood waste products that would otherwise end up in the landfill
    • They require less maintenance than a wood stove. Fill up the hopper and watch the pellets burn for a few days
    • They don’t require a chimney
    • Though the initial cost of the pellet stove is fairly substantial, the cost of pellets is quite minimal


    Electric Baseboard Heaters –

    Electric baseboard heaters are zonal heaters that are typically controlled by a thermostat. They contain an electric heating element encased in metal pipes surrounded by aluminum fins.

    Why choose electric baseboard heaters?

    • They don’t require much maintenance – simply set your thermostat to the desired temperature and enjoy
    • They provide a reliable source of heat which makes them great for cabins that will be used year-round. Leave the heaters on low between weekend visits to prevent pipes from freezing
    • They offer greater heat dispersion than wood stoves or pellet stoves, making them ideal for cabins with enclosed bedrooms and bathrooms
    • They’re quick & easy to install


    Traditional Forced Air Furnace –

    Commonly found in residential houses, furnaces work by blowing heated air through ducts that lead to the different rooms throughout the cabin. Cabin furnaces typically run off natural gas or propane.

    Why choose a traditional furnace?

    • Like electric baseboard heaters, furnaces offer a reliable source of heat
    • They offer great heat dispersion and require minimal maintenance
    • Forced air furnaces improve your indoor air quality by filtering and properly conditioning the air

    When it comes to heating your cabin, the possibilities are endless! If you don’t see your desired heat source listed above, don’t panic – Knotty Pine Cabins can be heated with whatever heating system you feel is best for your cabin and/or location.

    Give us a call to find out which heating option we’d recommend or visit our show home to see which heating system we’ve installed!

  • Edmonton Garden Suites

    Thinking of building a garden suite on your Edmonton property? Great news – with the recent change in regulations, you may be able to do just that! Let us walk you through some of the basic garden suite development regulations in Edmonton.

    What’s a garden suite?

    A garden suite is a one- or two-storey stand-alone living space built in the backyard of a single detached home. Also known as a garage suite, carriage house, backyard suite, laneway house, or accessory dwelling, garden suites feature a minimum of a kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

    Who’s permitted to have a garden suite?

    Two key factors come into play when determining if you’re permitted to build a garden suite: your lot zone and lot size.

    Lot zone –

    Garden suites are now permitted in most residential zones including: RF1, RF2, RF3, RF4, RF5, RF6, RSL, RPL, RR. RMD, TSDR, TSLR, GLD, GLG, HVLD, GHLD, and SLD. Not sure what your lot is zoned as? Enter your address in the City of Edmonton Zoning Map!

    Don’t see your zone listed above? Don’t panic – take a quick read through this City of Edmonton garden suites brochure to determine if garden suites are discretionary in your area.

    Lot size –

    The lot size requirement is dependent on your zone. In zones RF1-RF6, your lot must be a minimum of 360 m2. For the remainder of the zones listed above, your lot must be a minimum of 280 m2.

    If your lot doesn’t happen to meet the minimum size requirements, you may apply for a variance. Under said circumstances, a development officer will determine whether a garden suite is suitable for your lot.


    Are there specific design requirements for a garden suite?

    There are many regulations when it comes to the design of your garden suite. Let us walk you through some of the basics.

    Building Height –

    The maximum height of your Edmonton garden suite will be dependent on your zone, property type, and style of roof. For properties with a back lane, a sloped roof must not exceed 21 ft while a flat roof must not exceed 20 ft. For properties without a back lane, a sloped roof or flat roof must not exceed 14 ft. To see what zones allow for higher roof heights or to determine how to measure roof height, visit the City of Edmonton website.

    Building Size –

    While garden suites must not exceed 1291 sq ft including garage space, the total allowable building size is determined based on the floor area & building footprint.

    The maximum floor area of living space must not exceed 807 square feet. If you’re planning on building a two-storey garden suite, be sure to check the City of Edmonton website to determine the maximum allowable second storey floor area in your zone.

    When it comes to the building footprint, the requirements vary based on zone. For zones RF1-RF6 and RA7-RA9, your total footprint for all buildings must not exceed 42% of your lot, with a maximum of 18% being for your garden suite. In all other zones, your garden suite is permitted to cover 2% more lot area than what’s permitted for a normal accessory dwelling, such as a detached garage.

    For further information on building regulations, be sure to check out the City of Edmonton Garden Suites How-To-Guide.

    Why build a garden suite?

    Garden suites are a great way to increase your property value, create an additional source of income, or simply create space for family. Looking to get funding for your garden suite? Consider applying for a Cornerstones II grant to receive up to $20,000 towards your eligible building costs.

    Looking to build a garden suite in an area outside of Edmonton? No problem – we’re happy to work with you to design and build a structure that meets the requirements in your area.

    Start planning your garden suite today! Give us a call at 780-484-2224 to discuss floor plans and pricing.