• Why You Should Consider a Guest Cottage for Your Property

    Having guests come to stay with you offers a great way to spend quality time with those you love most. If your current home isn’t particularly large, however, you might not be able to offer guests a comfortable place to sleep. Keep reading to see how building a guest cottage or small pine cabin on your property could be the solution to this problem.

    Privacy for Everyone

    Although it is fun to spend time with your guests throughout the day, there will be times when you both want to enjoy some privacy. Avoid unnecessary stress from spending too much time together by adding a pre-fabricated guest cabin to your property. This way, everyone can have a space of their own.

    A Comfortable Space for Your Guests

    If you want to be a good host, you should take your guest’s comfort into consideration before you invite them to enjoy your home. When your guests can have their own space , it will be easy for them to get situated and feel at home. With their own room, bathroom, and plenty of closet space, they will be able to relax and really enjoy their visit.

    Plenty of Room for All of Your Entertaining

    It is natural to want to invite large numbers of family members and friends to visit. Adding a guest cottage to your property will give you the room you need for all of your entertaining ideas. Whether you want to throw a huge family gathering during the holidays or host a cook out during the summer, a guest cottage will give you the extra space you need.

    With the cottage packages from Knotty Pine Cabins , you can build your dream home or a guest house. We make pre-fabricated cabins that give you the comfort and style you want in a residence. Call (780) 484-2224 to start planning your guest cottage.

  • The Benefits of Escaping to a Vacation Home

    Imagine the peaceful bliss you can find in your very own pine cabin. Whenever the stresses of your everyday life become too much, you know this serene wood home will be ready and waiting for you. When you build a vacation home, you can easily enjoy the following:

    A Place to Call Your Own

    Instead of holing up in an uncomfortable and impersonal hotel on your next vacation, why not build a log cabin that can serve as your hidden oasis? A vacation home gives you the opportunity to leave your normal life behind and find the reprieve you need. With a pre-fabricated cabin that is always available for you, you can actually start to enjoy your vacations.

    A Place to Celebrate the Holidays

    Think of how lovely it will be to escape to your pine cabin just in time for the holidays. Whether you want to escape to celebrate with your family for New Year’s Eve or enjoy the traditions of Easter, the cabin will be the perfect location.

    A Place to Relax

    When you have your own vacation home, you can always take the time to breathe. It is easy to get caught up in the massive to-do lists in your regular life. If you have a place where you can slip away from the city to relax , you might actually find the time to do it. Build a comfortable wood home where you can go to recharge your system when you need some time away.

    Knotty Pine Cabins can build you the cabin of your dreams. Our pre-fabricated homes and cottage packages allow you to enjoy a much-needed break from the fast-paced world. Whether you want to use it as a vacation home or your year-round residence, this cabin will become your favourite spot. Visit our website or call (780) 484-2224 to get started.