Tips for Maintaining Your Log Cabin

Log cabins are a great eco-friendly and economical alternative to traditionally built homes. However, it should always be remembered that wood homes require special maintenance to keep them in good condition. Read on for a look at three maintenance tips that will help you extend the life of your log cabin:

Use Inorganic Materials For the Base

Being made of wood, your log cabin is at risk of attracting damaging insects like wood ants, termites, and roaches if the wooden walls sit directly on the ground. You can discourage these pests from actively seeking out your log walls by starting construction with about one to two feet of an inorganic building material, and laying the logs on top of that. You can use any inorganic material that you would like, but rocks seem to be a particular favorite amongst cabin owners, given that they fit the wood’s natural motif.

Don’t Plant Shrubbery Too Close

Your cabin’s logs can grow mold or rot if they don’t dry properly after rain or snow falls. To allow air to circulate around your cabin better, don’t plant any trees or shrubbery within a five-foot radius of your cabin. This way, more air will be able to reach your log walls unimpeded and dry them out faster and more thoroughly.

Install a French Drain

French drains are rock filled trenches that contain perforated pipes. The trench draws in rainwater, which trickles through the gravel and into the pipe, where it is carried away. The idea behind this feature is to draw away rainwater that could otherwise pool up around your cabin and rot the logs, or soak the surrounding soil to the point that your cabin would sink or shift.

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