• Designing Your Knotty Pine Cabin Package

    At Knotty Pine Cabins we get a lot of questions regarding floor plans and designs. We find that many of our buyers are very visual and, therefore, they like to view many different examples of plans. Unlike many other home builders and cabin manufacturers, Knotty Pine Cabins allows our customers to customize and design their very own floor plan. Some clients prefer to look at sample designs and change a room or two and maybe move some windows and doors around, while others come to us with their very own custom floor plan in mind.

    Many customers are also unaware that we can make larger custom home packages from what they see in our catalogue. We have currently designed some beautiful 30’x40′ wood home packages for clients who are looking for more space to live in year-round.

    Don’t forget the bunk houses! We also design many small bunk house cabins that are smaller than our 12’x12′ catalogue package. One of the most popular sizes is 10’x10′ which is perfect for sleeping quarters.

    For our smaller cabin packages, we have a design web page that we call the “Knotty Pine Cabin Creator” Please go to www.mondocanuck.com/KnottyPineCabinCreator2/ to design any cabin in our 12′ wide series. We would like to have this system for our larger cabin packages in the near future.

    Whether it be a custom wood home or a small customized guest cottage, Knotty Pine Cabins can work with any design to build the cabin you have always dreamed of!

    For more questions on our packages, please contact us at 1 877 854 2224.

  • Designing Your Dream Kitchen

    As more and more of our clients are living in our cabins year-round, we are starting to see a rise in designing custom kitchen packages. Customers no longer want little kitchenettes that are suitable for weekend cabin living, they want beautiful and functional kitchens that coincide with the beautiful pine interiors of our wood homes.

    There are many different ways people can design their dream kitchens, all it takes is a little creativity and the friendly old internet by your side! Unlike standard homes that are typically dry walled and then painted over with your colour of choice, our cabin packages always have the 1”x6” tongue and groove pine as the interior finishing. (Please note, that you can also dry wall our cabins; however, for the most part, our customers choose the pine finishing giving them that rustic wood-home feel!)

    The best way to begin designing your kitchen is to peruse through photos either in books or on the internet to get a feel for the type of design and colour scheme you would like to use. If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, now is the time to get one! Pinterest is wonderful for organizing your little treasures on the internet. (Visit our Pinterest page for some cabin décor inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/knottypinecabin/ ) Once you have a general idea of colour scheme and lay out, you are going to want to choose a type of flooring that compliments both the interior pine walls and cabinet colour. (Sometimes if you do all the same type of wood colour it can be too much. It’s always nice to break up the pine by either choosing different floor or cabinet colours.) That being said, we have seen some kitchens done beautifully all in the same pine shade. (See photos below!)

    Now that you have an idea on design and colour, Knotty Pine Cabins can set you up with one of our cabinet specialists to create a rendition drawing of your kitchen. Our helpful team can also assist you in choosing everything from counter tops to drawer pulls all which will come together to create the look, design and overall feel you wish to achieve for your dream kitchen.

    Remember to have some fun when designing your kitchen! Express yourself. By the time, you have finished with our creative team; you will have a cooking space that will make your guests say wow!

    For more information on our prefabricated cabin packages, please contact us at 1 877 854 2224.