• Why You Should Consider a Guest Cottage for Your Property

    Having guests come to stay with you offers a great way to spend quality time with those you love most. If your current home isn’t particularly large, however, you might not be able to offer guests a comfortable place to sleep. Keep reading to see how building a guest cottage or small pine cabin on your property could be the solution to this problem.

    Privacy for Everyone

    Although it is fun to spend time with your guests throughout the day, there will be times when you both want to enjoy some privacy. Avoid unnecessary stress from spending too much time together by adding a pre-fabricated guest cabin to your property. This way, everyone can have a space of their own.

    A Comfortable Space for Your Guests

    If you want to be a good host, you should take your guest’s comfort into consideration before you invite them to enjoy your home. When your guests can have their own space , it will be easy for them to get situated and feel at home. With their own room, bathroom, and plenty of closet space, they will be able to relax and really enjoy their visit.

    Plenty of Room for All of Your Entertaining

    It is natural to want to invite large numbers of family members and friends to visit. Adding a guest cottage to your property will give you the room you need for all of your entertaining ideas. Whether you want to throw a huge family gathering during the holidays or host a cook out during the summer, a guest cottage will give you the extra space you need.

    With the cottage packages from Knotty Pine Cabins , you can build your dream home or a guest house. We make pre-fabricated cabins that give you the comfort and style you want in a residence. Call (780) 484-2224 to start planning your guest cottage.

  • The Benefits of Escaping to a Vacation Home

    Imagine the peaceful bliss you can find in your very own pine cabin. Whenever the stresses of your everyday life become too much, you know this serene wood home will be ready and waiting for you. When you build a vacation home, you can easily enjoy the following:

    A Place to Call Your Own

    Instead of holing up in an uncomfortable and impersonal hotel on your next vacation, why not build a log cabin that can serve as your hidden oasis? A vacation home gives you the opportunity to leave your normal life behind and find the reprieve you need. With a pre-fabricated cabin that is always available for you, you can actually start to enjoy your vacations.

    A Place to Celebrate the Holidays

    Think of how lovely it will be to escape to your pine cabin just in time for the holidays. Whether you want to escape to celebrate with your family for New Year’s Eve or enjoy the traditions of Easter, the cabin will be the perfect location.

    A Place to Relax

    When you have your own vacation home, you can always take the time to breathe. It is easy to get caught up in the massive to-do lists in your regular life. If you have a place where you can slip away from the city to relax , you might actually find the time to do it. Build a comfortable wood home where you can go to recharge your system when you need some time away.

    Knotty Pine Cabins can build you the cabin of your dreams. Our pre-fabricated homes and cottage packages allow you to enjoy a much-needed break from the fast-paced world. Whether you want to use it as a vacation home or your year-round residence, this cabin will become your favourite spot. Visit our website or call (780) 484-2224 to get started.

  • Tips on Clearing Space for Your Cabin

    Before you build your idyllic pine cabin, thin out your property so there is plenty of space for your new wood home. Find a good pair of loppers and use them to cut off low branches so you can get a better look at the trees that you might want to keep. Use a machete to get everything out of the way and an axe to thin out the trees. Watch this video for more great tips.

    Knotty Pine Cabins provides pre-fabricated cabins so you can have your own escape from the city. We make it easy to find a home you will love. Call (780) 484-2224 for more information on our pre-fabricated homes.

  • The Roots of Cabin Living

    You and your family can get away from the stress and worries of modern life and go back to a simpler time by choosing a log cabin from Knotty Pine Cabins. We offer Edmonton’s best selection of wood homes, allowing individuals and families to start making new memories in a not-so-new style of space!

    If you want to learn more about the history of cabins, watch this short video. As you can see, cabins have played an important role in history, adding to the reputation for durability and tradition that they hold today.

    Learn more about the benefits of log cabin living by contacting Knotty Pine Cabins today. Give us a call at (780) 484-2224 or head over to our webpage for more information about our pine homes.

  • How to Make Your Home More Environmentally Friendly [INFOGRAPHIC]

    When many people think about reducing their impact on the environment, they think about driving less or recycling bottles and cans. In fact, there are many other ways to green your life—starting with your home. Choosing environmentally friendly building materials for your cabin is a great way to start living in a more eco-conscious fashion. Pine and other organic materials are not only better for the environment, but better for your health since they do not emit volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. From your pre-fabricated home in Canada to the cleaning products you use to keep your cottage clean, there are countless ways to reduce your impact on the environment. Check out our infographic for ideas on how to make your home more eco-friendly. Please share to spread the word about conserving energy and resources.

  • The Benefits of Living in a Wooden Cabin

    For centuries, wooden cabins and huts were the primary form of housing in Canada. Today, wooden cabins may not be everyone’s first choice when it comes to building a new home, but they should always be taken into consideration. There are many benefits to living in a log cabin, including:

    Better Insulation

    Steel and concrete may be strong, but they provide very poor insulation for homes. A process called thermal bridging allows heat to travel through steel, meaning that there is exceptional heat loss in winter. Concrete allows for significant heat loss as well. Wood provides great insulation against heat loss , and as an added bonus, it can easily be adjusted to accommodate more insulation.

    Greater Energy Savings

    When determining the energy efficiency of home building materials, heat conductivity is often taken into consideration. A material’s conductivity rating is based on the amount of heat it absorbs. The less heat that a given material conducts, the less energy the house’s utilities must produce to heat or cool the interior. Wood is 400 times less conducive than steel and 8.5 times less conducive than concrete, making it the clear winner in the battle of low conductivity.

    Meets More Building Codes

    Building codes for energy efficiency have been making an appearance in more and more municipalities around the world every day. In today’s increasingly eco-minded society, many homeowners and builders are likewise finding that traditional building materials cannot meet those codes as well as wood. The versatile nature of wood means that it can be constructed to match just about any energy efficiency requirement, even in extreme climates. For example, if you live in a climate with extremely cold temperatures—like Alaska and the Canadian Arctic—a double wood-frame wall system can keep your log cabin’s interior warm in temperatures as low as 40 degrees below zero.

    No other building company in Alberta appreciates the benefits of wooden cabins like Knotty Pine Cabins . Our vast array of pre-fabricated and custom pine cabins ensures that your dream getaway home is never far out of reach. To learn more about our cabins, visit our website or call (780) 484-2224 to speak with a representative.

  • Tips for Maintaining Your Log Cabin

    Log cabins are a great eco-friendly and economical alternative to traditionally built homes. However, it should always be remembered that wood homes require special maintenance to keep them in good condition. Read on for a look at three maintenance tips that will help you extend the life of your log cabin:

    Use Inorganic Materials For the Base

    Being made of wood, your log cabin is at risk of attracting damaging insects like wood ants, termites, and roaches if the wooden walls sit directly on the ground. You can discourage these pests from actively seeking out your log walls by starting construction with about one to two feet of an inorganic building material, and laying the logs on top of that. You can use any inorganic material that you would like, but rocks seem to be a particular favorite amongst cabin owners, given that they fit the wood’s natural motif.

    Don’t Plant Shrubbery Too Close

    Your cabin’s logs can grow mold or rot if they don’t dry properly after rain or snow falls. To allow air to circulate around your cabin better, don’t plant any trees or shrubbery within a five-foot radius of your cabin. This way, more air will be able to reach your log walls unimpeded and dry them out faster and more thoroughly.

    Install a French Drain

    French drains are rock filled trenches that contain perforated pipes. The trench draws in rainwater, which trickles through the gravel and into the pipe, where it is carried away. The idea behind this feature is to draw away rainwater that could otherwise pool up around your cabin and rot the logs, or soak the surrounding soil to the point that your cabin would sink or shift.

    If you are considering a log cabin for your next home, look no further than Knotty Pine Cabins of Edmonton. We offer pine cabins in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can offer expert advice on how to keep yours safe, comfortable, and hospitable at all times. Call us at (780) 484-2224.

  • Recreational Property for Your Knotty Pine Cabin

    Have you always wanted your very own prefab cabin package? Knotty Pine Cabins offers everything from small guest cottages to large year-round wood homes. Of course, before you can start building your dream cottage, you need a piece of land to put it on!

    Knotty Pine Cabins is teaming up with the SilverWoods development located in Pigeon Lake, AB where you can get a lot and cabin package starting at just $279,000! This development is walking distance to all the amenities in Pigeon Lake as well as an 18 hole golf course! Visit www.knottypinecabins.ca for more information on our cabin packages or phone 1 877 854-2224 to receive more information on what is included in the lot and cabin package for $279,000.

    Already have property? No problem! Knotty Pine Cabins builds all over Western Canada. We will deliver your package right to your door-step for easy on-site assembly.

  • How Knotty Pine Cabins Can Provide You with the Extra Space You Need

    Are you looking to escape the hustle of city life and find something more relaxing? If so, you can find just what you want with a beautiful log cabin from Knotty Pine Cabins! We offer Edmonton’s best wood homes, allowing our customers to find and build their perfect new spaces. Customers in need of extra storage space can find it with one of our impressive instasheds. Here is a closer look:

    Choose from 16 Different Shed Sizes

    Extra storage space is a must-have for many families looking for a pine home. Some families only need a small amount of storage, while others require more space. When you choose a Knotty Pine Cabins home, you can enhance it with one of our instasheds, available in 16 different sizes. No matter how much you need to store, you can find the shed that is perfect for you!

    Assemble Your New Shed Easily with Our Kits

    Moving into a new home can be a time-consuming process. If you do not have time to dedicate to building an elaborate shed, you can find the outdoor storage and style you seek with an easy-to-assemble shed kit from Knotty Pine Cabins. Our kits come with all of the hardware needed to assemble the instashed. We also include easy-to-understand instructions that can take you step by step through the building process.

    Design a Custom Shed for Your Home

    No two families are the same, which is why no two homes are the same! If you want a unique shed for your family’s new space, choose custom elements by working with the team here at Knotty Pine Cabins. Our employees can customize certain features of your shed kit, such as the window placement and door placement.

    Knotty Pine Cabins offers wood homes, instasheds, and much more! Give us a call at (780) 484-2224 if you are interested in finding more information about our pine homes and pre-fabricated cabins.

  • A Guide to Decorating Your New Cabin

    Summer is coming! You can prepare for the warm weather by purchasing a pine cabin for your family. Follow these tips to create an inviting home atmosphere after purchasing your new cabin:

    Incorporate Natural Elements into Your Décour

    One of the best parts of living in a log cabin is being surrounded by nature. You can take advantage of your new home location by incorporating a variety of natural elements into your décour. Choose neutral colours that create a calming atmosphere and combine them with wood, plants, and other natural elements to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your new space!

    Create a Cozy Space

    Your log cabin should provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for your family and your guests. Including cozy elements such as area rugs, throw blankets, and pillows into your cabin décour makes your new space feel more welcoming and inviting. These elements will also be useful during the cold months of the year.

    Avoid Cluttering Your Space

    It can be easy to go overboard when it comes to decorating and finding new accessories for your log cabin. However, your new space can feel cramped and crowded with too many items. Keep it simple when decorating to create an open and spacious home that never feels cluttered.

    Get the Family Involved

    If you are moving into a log cabin with your family, get everyone involved in the decorating process. Work together to choose colours, furnishings, accessories, and other elements that will help you add personality and style to your new space.

    Are you ready to find a pine cabin to call home? Here at Knotty Pine Cabins, we make it easy to find a log cabin that will help you feel like you are getting away without leaving your own home. Learn more about our wood homes on our website or by calling us at (780) 484-2224.