Jan 13, 2018 | | Turtle Lake, Sas
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

We selected Knotty Pine Cabins years ago because we could cut costs by doing things ourselves and still get a great cabin that looks like a cabin not a house. We went and walked through their demo cabin and we were sold. It was what we were looking for. To get this quality of cabin on our budget meant that we would be building it ourselves. I have an Uncle that is very handy, a father that is handy and myself (not handy but capable and willing to learn). We ordered a 24 x 32 cabin. We had our foundation built and then they dropped off our cabin. It came in 2 loads. At this point I had read the manual many times and felt confident. As we constructed the cabin my Uncle kept commenting about how well built and over engineered this was. A common quote was, “you could land a plane on this floor”. I like the fact that my cabin is built better that the house I live in. Things fits well and we clipped along. Jeremy said that their crews of 2 people could get to lock up in around a week. I asked him what kind of super heroes were these guys. He said he was one of them which makes sense in hindsight. On many occasions we became confused and needed direction. Jeremy knew everything we asked him because he had built numerous packages himself. Jeremy answered his phone anytime we called. I can not stress enough how good their customer service was. They define excellence in service. Anyway we took 10 days to get to lock up with 3 people. I thought that was pretty good. I spent the rest of that month making it usable, insulating, vapour barrier and tongue and groove the inside walls, for the family.Over the next few years I have continued to work on the finishing end of things around the cabin. We have been enjoying the cabin while we do little things. This meant that I have had lumber at my cabin for 3 years. Best advice I got was to buy a roll of poly to cover the lumber. Thank god I did, driver of their truck gave me the advice. Not sure if stretching the building out over 3 years is the best choice but my family and I have no complaints. Last thing I would mention is a stain I found that works really well. Looks good and holds up. It is called Penofin. Anyway Knotty Pine has a great product and great people. Very satisfied.

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